19 December 1914, 2010

19 December 1914, 2010 .
Format: Color animation, stereo, NTSC 720 x 480ox, 6’19 min

19 December 1914 is an animated short based on Maria’s memories of the stories her parents told her as she was growing up. Through the use of animation, photographs and old footage, we follow the stories of a man and a woman who for different reasons were forced to leave their homes in Russia in the 1890s to find a new life in Argentina. The stories are about encounters, family and how external circumstances bring people together in an endless line of generations.

Shown at:
Ánimaexperimenta, MAVI (Museum of Visual Arts), Santiago, Chile, 2011
Two years, one month & one day, Consulate General of Chile, NY, USA, 2010
Feria Ch.ACO (Ch.ACO Art Fair), Santiago, Chile, 2010
Video Thesis show, Visual Arts Theatre, NY, USA, 2010