28 weekly, 2005

28 weekly, 2005.
Dimencions: 4 mts. x 70 cm.
Format: 7 channel piece, monitors on floor, 7 DVD players, audio from the monitors, loop 15 min.

“28 weekly” is a 7 channel piece in which the monitors are spread in a line along the floor. Each screen shows a different video of the same action, the action of taking pills out of a pillbox, and putting them back in. Each video represents a day of the week. The sound is intense and almost schizophrenic, the infinity of the action seeks to drive us to despair. The videos take a banal and wearisome action (tacking a pill) and it intensifies it trough repetition, sound and color.

Shown at:
El despertar de los sentidos (The awakening of senses), Trece Gallery. Santiago, Chile, 2005