Controlled Randomnes, 2008

Controlled Randomnes, 2008
Dimensions: variable, 3 channel animation, text on wall and sound
Format: 3 Animations 30′ sec. loop, stereo sound, 3 CD players with sound,text on wall.

“Controlled randomness” is a video installation that includes animation, text and sound. The work explores the way people or families relate to each other. The animations are placed in neutral rooms in 3D, and the characters are 2D hand drawings. The contrast between the coldness of the places, and the human element convey in the opposition between the places we circulate in and people; actions, mistakes, violence, reconciliation. The narrative of the videos is structures so that the small differences between them can give a broad range of meanings. The text on the wall is a recollection of sentences from different text I wrote in different times chosen in a random way. The same text has been rearranged and can be heard on the headphones disorienting the viewer who tries to follow along the text on the wall. The work questions traditional narration and the structure we try to create within time, space and action, thinking of the everyday not as reality but as imagination that floats in just one space.

Shown at:
Art Gallery of Uniacc University Art School. Santiago, Chile, 2008
8th Biennale of Video and new medias of Santiago, Contemporary Art Museum (M.A.C.). Santiago, Chile, 2007