From right to left, 2011

From left to right, 2011
Format: Interactive animation, stereo sound, projection on wall, webcam with motion capture.
Dimensions: variable, 1920 x1080 px

The work “From left to right” comes as a response to the constant changes of the cities we live in. I have observed how the house I used to live in is being surrounded by big buildings and all I can do is wait for its destruction. The landscape is changing, everything becomes faster and taller, without consideration of our own proportions. People, in essence, stay the same. In this installation, the viewer is placed in front of a city in constant movement; the viewer’s positions is traced by a camera and has a direct effect on the number of people within the city. People appear and vanish, leaving just a trail. The city keeps on moving without being affected by human presence, as they can only affect themselves.
Shown at:
Matilde Pérez Contest of Art and Digital technologies_1.0, Fundación Telefónica, Santiago, Chile, 2012