Ruminative, 2009

Ruminative, 2009
Format: Animación NTSC 720 x 480 px, color, stereo, 3’45 min.

Ruminative is an animation based on a few written sentences, that tries to translate words into moving images. The original sentences that inspired the work was: “The trees are desperately releasing their leaves, they got tired of feeding the ones who destroyed them, while the cows are spitting the rotten grass. A kid is biting on the tip of his pencil, he finally eats it, and then another, and then another. Afterwards he leaves, without apologizing”. The video explores the idea of nature versus man and how our actions over nature are changing the way animals relate to it, making them sick, as we consume whatever comes in our way.

Shown at:
Two years, one month & one day, Consulate General of Chile, NY, USA, 2010
Feria Ch.ACO, (Ch.ACO Art Fair), Santiago, Chile, 2009